Anonymous asked:

What can you tell me about dolphin world war 2

The second dolphin world war was a terrible tragedy, yet also a critical step in the advancement of dolphinkind. It all began in 1745 when the Pacific White-Sided dolphins rebelled against the bottlenose-common dolphin alliance, tired of living under them after the first war. They massed in huge numbers, prepared weapons, and formed alliances. Their leader was Flippy Dee, a truly great dolphin who only wanted equality. How ever, their allies, such as the Dusky dolphins, had cruel leaders wanting desperately to get revenge for their defeat in the last war. The most ambitious of these was Cetacea Da, the general of the Dusky dolphin army. As his famous quote goes, “Every bottlenose and common dolphin, and all who chose to join them, must perish.” On the first day of the revolution he and Dee got into a massively heated argument. Da’s bodyguard got nervous, and Flippy Dee met his last day before he even got to see his brave soldiers swim into battle.
But they did, and their beginning motivation helped them defeat their enemies in the Battle of Tahiti. They moved on victorious. That was when the next turning point took place. The Atlantic Spotted dolphins, a since then neutral force, felt threatened by Pacific White-Siders and their fearful allies. They sent thousands of troops to aid the B-C allies, thus largely improved their army and stamina. It was a historic moment when generals Flup Paci and Long-Snout Williams of the B-C alliance shook flippers with the courageous leader of the Atlantic Spotters, Fin Davey. Their much improved forces set out East to lock with their enemies in deadly combat.
The Battle of Howland Island was one of the deadliest dolphin battles known to dolphinkind, tolling at over 3,000 dolphins killed. A terrible loss. On August 29th, 1745, at 2:54pm Baker Island Time, the first common dolphin scouts spotted the enemy approaching. It was not long before White Siders saw them, too. They clashes in an epic battle lasting two days. The water was red with the blood of brave dolphins. Generals Paci, Williams, and Da were all slain that fateful day. No dolphin had anything the likes of it before.
After Howland Island, The White Siders generals remaining collectively changed their view of the war in the Four-army meeting. They developed a true, and presented it to General Davey. He accepted. There would be no more fighting, and the losers of the last war would no longer live under the domain of the winners. The second dolphin war was over, and peace restored.